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  1. Its really sad to see that this fine project seems to be dead... @x1024 Would it be possible to share your work that maybe another people can bring it to final?
  2. Sorry guys, but after one year of following this thread I am out!! For me it looks like an never ending april fool... :-)
  3. Please don't misunderstand me! :-) I wasn't talking about the quality or the time that an update takes. I meant the release cycles! The most Linux-Distros and nowadays Windows 10 put out a new release in a frequent and they look at a new feature and if its done its in, if it not done its in the next release. In my opinion its more comfortable for the developers cause they can release smaller updates with less changes and they have less time pressure. But all this is just my opinion!! All the people who are working on Aurora can do what they want and release it when they mean that it is time to release. I know how much hard work and time goes in such an project and I really show my deepest respect to this people!!
  4. When I read this posts, it remembers me a bit of the "Vista-Story" ;-) So much new features that it seems to be never done. Maybe it would realy be better to releas a stable "basic-version" with less features and to bring every new feature with an own new release. I also think this smaler releases would be easier to debug! But also maybe I am too much a linux-penguin... :-D
  5. If I see the video, I feel to learn "making themes" for Aurora... The "Fluent Design" would look brilliant on the Xbox360...
  6. Am I the only one who is to dumb to install the green version of this theme? The "normal one" works like a charm, but the green one is not even shown in the theme-menu... I dont know what I am doing wrong!!
  7. Did you stop working on it? That would be sad because it looks very very nice. :-)
  8. Yes, I also love this dash!! Much more usable than the original XBOX 360 Dash. And I wish that someone would hack the Xbox One only to get this Dash on it. The Xbox One Dash is the worst I have ever seen...
  9. YES!! Thanks for the hint... Now I see it :-D Thats an real important new feature!! Till now i always fade out the second disc. This new solution is much more better :-)
  10. Am I to dumb to see what is intended by the "Disc Number Indicator" Feature (Video 00:44)? All 3 Discs of that Game are shown and counted as "1 of 6", "2 of 6" and "3 of 6"... In 0.6b it is nothing else. For me it would be a new feature that 0.7b would recognize that it is the same game and only shows it only once. But despite that, I can hardly wait to download the new release!! :-D And yes, I love the work you do and respect the power you give to this project!! :-D
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