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    the problem.. was simply an error on M$'s side.. not aurora.. everyone bitching and complaining saying aurora was broken, when it wasnt.. was the problem.. hahaha edit: HTML/XML errors are common, and like it was proven, have been fixed
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    I just refreshed the data of an item with a missing description and it worked again. You do not have to do change a single thing. I presume the old xbox site just had a problem. Ofcourse for the LINK addon to work, you have to open some ports, but not for the synopsis and images, its all downloaded like a normal web browsing activity.
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    Hate to say it but graphical issues of that nature are usually due to the gpu seperating from the mobo... aka the rrod. It's fine if you don't want to believe me, and I'm not going to argue about this or defend this, I'm the only one who has answered you and this is the most likely reason you are having these specific graphical issues that apparently persist through the dash into games and even the xbox dash.
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