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  1. For test purposes, you could try it. I had almost the same problems on an cheaper TV I sometimes use. My TV does not really support 1080p 60Hz, but still I can set it and I will get a proper image in most cases. I will notice stutter, since the TV really can handle 25Hz when set to 1080p and 50Hz when on 720p (processor limits of this specific TV model). When using the xbox I get those kind of effects when using 1080p 60Hz. Especially with Blazing Angels started from Aurora.
  2. I watched your video (you are talking a bit to fast for me to fully understand, but luckely youtube has automatic subtitle translation πŸ™‚ ) and see what you did. I also appreciate it very much, you were looking for a solution. I already had the following ports open to my xbox 1000,1001, 3071 and 3072, because I also use LINK. But the synopsis were not downloading. Yesterday I saw your message and just tried refreshing without doing anything else and it worked. I also removed an incomplete (regarding to the synopsis) source and re-added it to get all data refreshed and all data was freshly downloaded. I do not know whats happening exactly and why. Going to watch your other videos now πŸ™‚ ...
  3. I just refreshed the data of an item with a missing description and it worked again. You do not have to do change a single thing. I presume the old xbox site just had a problem. Ofcourse for the LINK addon to work, you have to open some ports, but not for the synopsis and images, its all downloaded like a normal web browsing activity.
  4. Did nothing. Just hit refresh and it's working again. If you have a lot of unrecognized content, you can remove & add source
  5. Does it also occur when you set output in the XBOX 360 settings to 720p 50Hz?
  6. Error returned. I scanned my external drives with scandisk in Windows, no errors were found. Ejected the drives before unplugin the USB cables. Started the 360 again no errors. Plugged one of the drives into the PC, did some things. Next startup with that drive attached my 360 gave the error again. Did the scandisk and neatly eject again and next startup the error was gone. But I seem to have to do this after every time I put data on the drives with my WIndows PC?
  7. Which one is your main dash? While I was test driving Aurora with FS3 still as my main dash I had screen problems on my older Toshiba LCD which does not support high refresh rates when I tried to start games from Aurora. After I completely switched to Aurora the problems disappeared.
  8. I think it will take them some time to make a good fix. The solution from Dex9999 for the Asset Editor works with an HTML parser, while XML is preferable. I think the Aurora team will try to find that. There are always two options.: Fast and not so good or taking your time and do it good. So I do not mind to have a little patience...
  9. https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/8921-both-aurora-asset-editor-and-aurora-dash-itself-no-longer-downloading-assets-from-xboxcom/
  10. Please let us know. I am curious if it works for other people also. Or if I can expect the errors to return πŸ™‚
  11. Looks like this has to do with HD naming. I renamed my HD's through a Windows PC and got the error multiple times on first startup. Renamed them again through the xbox 360 system settings, storage options, also cleaned the cache and shut down the system. Now several days later the error is still gone.
  12. Fonzy

    Help me

    Like you see in other Topic, Aurora isn't downloading the game info anymore. Until the devs fix this, there is nothing you can do. I have the same problem.
  13. Fonzy

    Help me

    See https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/8921-both-aurora-asset-editor-and-aurora-dash-itself-no-longer-downloading-assets-from-xboxcom/
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