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    The Dream Theme v2.4 for F3 Rev775 (Released August 19th, 2013)[/b] Just a small update to make my skin compatible with the newest F3 Rev775! What's in this Skin? - 150 beautiful backgrounds - 100 different stages - 15 different content tabs - 15 different icon sets - 26 Coverflow layouts Changes since v2.3: - Made it compatible with the newest F3 Rev775 Dash - changed the Splash screen How to use: 1- Go with a ftp program to your Freestyle 3 folder 2- Place "The Dream Theme v2.4.xzp" file in your "Skins" folder. 3- Go with Freestyle 3 to the Skin menu and choose "The Dream Theme v2.4" skin. 4- Restart your Xbox360 5- Go to settings menu and select "reset skin settings" That's all Don't forget to reset your skin settings before using this new version otherwise things will not work properly! If you renamed my skin too Default.xzp then make sure you delete the Default skin from your F3 Cache (that's not MS Cache) Below are a few screenshots. The Dream Theme v2.4.rar
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    Just uncheck the "Link" box from fsd settings:/plugin settings in the modded console and then you'll find each others games.
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    -= Update Info =-Doing a phased implementation to control server traffic.Hope you enjoy. i guess nobody pay attention to this sentence in last FSD update but this is a great improvment for those like me who have several xbox using LiNK on the same LAN at home .... We are now able to see each other games on LiNK ... which was not the case before this update . Thanks again for your hard work .
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