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  1. Thanks for your reply but it didn't work. My psx roms are on USB0:\Roms\PlayStation. Maybe i did something wrong but i added to the ini file IsoFolder = USB:\Roms \PlayStation
  2. Thnx for this great psx emulator. Is it possible to change the default rom path so everytime when you start the emulator it shows the rom path you want?
  3. I also added a bunch of games and noticed that Aurora doesn't show synopsis, rating, banner etc for all the new games i added. Is there a change that this will be fixed soon?
  4. When will it be released?? .....just kidding .I have all confidence that the new release will be awesome again. Keep on with the good work guys
  5. If you just had payed more attention in English class ;-) and your wining will not help the developers to get more motivated, so just wait and shut up!
  6. First i wanna thank you guys for making Aurora. You keep the Xbox360 Community alive. I am looking forward to the next release of Aurora just like a lot of people do so i won't give you guys a headache by asking when it will be ready Family is the most important thing so i understand that the new release of Aurora is delayed. My Father had died a few monts ago and you learn to make priorities when you experience a death close to you. I also know it's a hell of a job to make a good working dashboard but i have all the faith that you will rock my Xbox360 again as always. When Aurora 0.6B is released i will do my best to make a "Dream Theme" skin again for this new release.
  7. Thnx for the reply Swizzy & gavin_darkglider, i like VBA360 so much because of the possibility of covers/screenshots for every game. But i will try Retroarch! Is it also possible to only have gambatte for use of GBA/GB/GBC games so i won't have to use the whole Retroarch emulator but just the gambatte part of it?
  8. Hello, The VBA360 emulator works almost perfectly on mij RGH Xbox360 but the problem is that only the Gameboy and Gameboy Color games are not filling the whole screen. The game picture is pushed to the left of the screen with a black border on the right side. I tried some things to get a full (16:9) picture but with no effect. I used the latest revision of the VBA360 emulator (0.03 Beta) Can someone help me with this? I know there are some smart coders here on the forum so maybe it just needs a little tweaking of the emulator....
  9. Hello, I want to be able to play karaoke video's within Aurora and use the mic in Aurora (now you always must be in a Lips etc. game to be able to use the mic) So a build in Mic on/off function would be very cool and a way to play wmv files for example.
  10. Thnx Swizzy, i don't really know what i'm doing haha i just tried to remove all the text in the .X360 files and thought "maybe they won't show if they're empty" All i want is to play my WMV files in LIPS without the lyrics and tonebar showing up so i can Karaoke with microphone. I'm not good at programming so maybe you can help me a little more? I don't think it would be very difficult but i just have to find the right way.
  11. But when i edit the .X360 files with notepad and save them the dlc file doesn't play, so it looks like something in the game needs those files.Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G925F met Tapatalk
  12. I only have problems with the two .X360 files. I don't know how to edit them and when i delete them from the dlc then it won't work. Someone has a solution for this? I don't need the .X360 files so a bypass option would be great. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G925F met Tapatalk
  13. Thnx for your reply, i almost figured it out ☺
  14. Hello, I have a not so common question! I'm a big LIPS lover and love karaoke. Because the songs in LIPS are mostly older songs i searched for a way to sing karaoke on newer songs. I know there is a Xbox360 app called "Karaoke" but you have to be connected to xbox live for that and i have a RGH Xbox360 so thats not an option. The Karaoke app uses The Karaoke Channel to play the songs and i managed to download the same songs from youtube and converted them to WMV (which is xbox360 compatible) LIPS only uses the import of MP3 and not WMV files so that didn't work, i'm trying to make DLC files from the WMV files for LIPS but it's very difficult. My main question here is: How can i play WMV files on my RGH Xbox360 while i use my wireless LIPS microphone for singing?? All suggestions are welcome!
  15. I even don't mind if it auto-changes or if i must do it manually with a xex file. I just want to change it within Aurora and not original dash Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk
  16. Hello, I want to know if there is a way to change the resolution of my RGH without going back to original dashboard everytime. I ask this because everytime i want to play an Xbox Original and want to change my resolution to 480 i have to go to original dashboard and i want to know if there is an easier way. Maybe it is possible to make a xex file which switches to 480 when i want to play a Xbox Original and one that switches to 1080 when i want to play a Xbox360 game?
  17. Do...you..understand...the..words..that...are...coming...out...of...my...mouth?? English not French!Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk
  18. This is an English forum and i don't speak French...Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk
  19. You're right Swizzy but i didn't had the time to read all posts and the one you're referring to was posted right after mine. But thnx for your answer, can't wait for NOVA!
  20. Hi There, I saw today on Xbox360iso that someone made a Chat tool for Link so you can chat with others while playing. I didn't try it yet but i like the idea very much because i think it is a great addition to Aurora. But is it something that will be implemented soon in Aurora or not?
  21. Yes!! I've been waiting for this. Great Job guys
  22. Thanks Swizzy, you're te best!
  23. Hi, Is it possible to make a backup from my game names and covers? The problem is when i install a new version of Aurora i simply delete the old Aurora folder and copy the new one on my external HDD, but then i have to change my game names all over again and change all the covers i manually changed with the Unity website. So is there a solution that i won't have to edit all the names and covers again and simply backup a file with all the information?
  24. Is it possible to make a xex file (or implement it in Aurora) to change the resolution of your xbox360 within Aurora without the need of switching to NXE everytime? The reason i ask this is because when i play my xbox originals i switch to 480p so i have widescreen (fullscreen) on all games.
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