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    it works .... i have two xbox360 , ecah has its own jqe account and use differents ports .... both can play on LiNK on the same game ONLY if host is outside your LAN . if one of your two boxes hosts the game , the other xbox won't see it ... Best regards , jéjé le tech
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    no its not ports time individualy, just ip changes on through devices and as i said it might be at this point(im not sure) : and since you mentioned they drop randomly maybe it switches ip each time ? and you just set 1 ip and 1 ports to 1 xbox seperately and it just jumps to other ip which doesnt have ports set. and once again some routers do have this. ps. you might try doing this : 1. disconect every posible device which might use router 2. turn on both xboxes and set them as they should be 3. connect and start playing. 4. if you get succes for some time, try turning on wifi on your mobile phone for example. 5. if this will dc one of your xbox then its the ip changing problem. iam posting this posabillity since i had myself once, and i literally over came it with setting multiply ports on each new ip individually, in your case you should find something which might be causing you on ip changes ? i hope it helps.... good luck
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    Can someone help with the problem I have ? Once again I will describe it. 2 USB drives (2 TB each) at the same time with a game library of 750 games total. F3 downloads all art.-covers just fine. When I turn on only the one of the two drives (doesnt matter wich one) everything works fine. I can scroll through the 370 games without problems, all covers are there and everything OK. When I turn on both of them and I scroll the 750 game list (for example from A to Z) then when it reaches at the middle , covers are missing and F3 crashes and finally freezes ! The same happens when I scroll the 750 game list backwords from Z to A... I can not understand if the problem has to do with large art game databases (400 games+) or it has to do with the art game database of 2 drives at the same time, or something else...
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