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  1. Can someone help with the problem I have ? Once again I will describe it. 2 USB drives (2 TB each) at the same time with a game library of 750 games total. F3 downloads all art.-covers just fine. When I turn on only the one of the two drives (doesnt matter wich one) everything works fine. I can scroll through the 370 games without problems, all covers are there and everything OK. When I turn on both of them and I scroll the 750 game list (for example from A to Z) then when it reaches at the middle , covers are missing and F3 crashes and finally freezes ! The same happens when I scroll the 750 game list backwords from Z to A... I can not understand if the problem has to do with large art game databases (400 games+) or it has to do with the art game database of 2 drives at the same time, or something else...
  2. OK. I think there is a bug in cover artwork in large databases. I have tested everything.Clean install F3, low resolution covers etc All cover artwork download in my 765 game database (2 USB drives at the same time) but when I scroll the game list forward from A to Z when it reaches letter "M" front covers from M to Z are empty and F3 crashes... I restart F3 and do the oposite thing. I scroll the game list backwards from Z to A and when it reaches letter "G" covers from G to A are empty (they showed before..) and F3 crashes.... This does not happen if I add only the 1 of my 2 USB drives (350 games) but only if I add both of them... Any suggestion ???
  3. It didnt work... The problem remains.. Crashes and freezes after the download of covers of the second drive..Can anyone give some help ?
  4. You gave me some ideas to fix my problem too.. I noticed that when I setup only the one of my two usb drives (410 games database) everything works fine without crashes and freezes. Problems start when I setup the second drive also and download the covers.. I will rename the folders names (now they are both "Games") as you suggest so they will not have the same name (usb0:/Games0, usb1:/Games1) and see what happens. I will also switch from "automatic" to "xbox 360" in the folder add options. Also I am not sure if I set the cover resolution to low helps because I faced the same problem with low resolution... Any other suggestions ?
  5. Unfortunately it didnt work. I first turned on only one of the two USB drives. 410 games scanned and F3 downloaded all the covers. Everything worked fine ! I could scroll over the games without problems.. But when I scanned the second USB drive and the game library increased to 715 games, problems started again. Many covers showed empty, F3 crashed and freezed ! Is there a limit in the cover database game library ? Or is there any bug when you have 2 USB discs at the same time ? The problem seem no to be the cover resolution...
  6. I'll give it a try. Is there big difference in cover artwork with low resolution compared to high ?
  7. OK. The F3 is the best so far ! Great work ! I have a big problem though. First I tried it with 110 Kinect games I have in a USB 1TB drive. Everything worked perfect. The covers downloaded in all games and I have no problem using it. Then I decided to use it in my big main 720 games collection (2 2TB USB drives at the same time). First it scaned my "GAMES" folder on the 2 USB drives I set in "Manage game paths". Everything worked well so far. I could move on the games list without problems and play the games. Then it started to download all the covers. It took many hours (huge game library) and it downloaded everything. But then problems started. After 1-2 minutes I move the game list , everything freezes !!!! Or, it can freeze inside a menu. I installed F3 from the begining following the same procedure but its all the same. F3 freezes in my big game list setup after a while. This never happens in my "small" 110 Kinect games setup !!!! Please give me some help in order to find what causes this problem because I want so bad to replace FSD 1.20 and use F3 instead in my big 720 games collection...
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