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    Hello,i've taken some time and took a look at programing facebook-apps. So came to my mind making an achievement-plugin to publish your newest achievements on facebook, like xbox-live and psn-network does it. And its pretty simple, so i've got already the basics running. Link to the facebook-app: https://www.facebook...232315960179580 (not working because of missing FSD-implementation) Its planned to post (if you want to) every achievement (like you see on PS3 Users for example) you get with achievement-description, game, picture, ... What do you (community) think about it? Is it usefull to you or dont you like the idea from beginning, is it something you've been waiting for... Any "must haves" that should be build in? Other suggestions?
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    hello i am using internal mu to store save games and some dlc on previous version of FSD and the new one . some savegames are also stored on hdd1 ( it depends wether i chose a modded save or not ) i don't have any duplicate entry ( except for GOW judgement ) , FSD is working like a charm here ...
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    First reply!...... Tacos... This dash looks great and all but it cant beat xexmenu. I will continue to use xexmenu because its better.
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