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  1. kuji

    XDK Sidecar/Devkit/Testkit

    Do you have any pics?
  2. I Hate kids on XBL, XBL is no fun anymore and kiddies+jtag/rgh=epic fail. I liked it better during the Halo 2 & Halo 3 days No major cod was ruining it. and the 12 year olds were babies. Halo 2 zombies is king, who needs a 1950's character screaming huuuugh. We kill the big bad green lookin machines and not gangnam style only dual wield style!
  3. I have a perfectly good mint condition Xenon from 2005 that is Jtagged on 16202. I don't think Ill let it go even though I already have my Jasper Dev Kit, I still don't have a 360 to use my XBL profile on to play my retail copies. I can use my Dev Kit to play them via my PC with Emulation or convert them to my Sidecar but I don't know how that would effect my XBL Profile with the MS servers. If I get my White 4GB S Console then I'll send my Jtag to them, I'm hoping TX releases something really nice that's universal on all Slims (It's been kind of a cat and mouse game with MS lately). Also a update for TX Fusion would be nice!
  4. Look's nice but I probably won't use it. LiNK is what I'm waiting for, can't wait for some Halo 2!
  5. kuji

    XDK Sidecar/Devkit/Testkit

    Time for a bump and also some news. The good new is that I got a Japser 256MB Test Kit with 120GB sidecar pictured like the one above! The bad news is that I cannot find a Blu XNA Kit! I will search far and wide for that kit and sooner or later it will be MINE!@!@!@!
  6. kuji

    WaterCooler Jasper JTAG

    The idea of watercooling it was awsome but im sorry it looks horrible. Everytime I see a watercooled or fan modded 360 it looks like this. If you would have put it in a Xbox 360 LanLi Case now that would have been really cool.
  7. You guys should release a new update that will fix the weather an any more known bugs. I know google stopped or canceled something that dealt with it. Also a new live/disc/xex package would be great with the latest dash that comes out this fall.
  8. kuji

    TeamFSD Forums

    Nice. I was registered to the original Team FSD site but someone deleted all of our accounts and data. I never re-registered until now with the new site. I like it, it's more simple and clean. I know you said not to mention RxE but what ever happened to it, I was left confused?
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