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Dan MartÃ

Script.ShowPasscodeEx function help

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Hi, I would like to know if its possible how the result is calculated, i've made some tests and i can't figure out the logic of these numbers that the script returned


These are some tests i've made:

1111 = 101058055
1112 = 101058054
1113 = 101058053
1115 = 101058067
1119 = 101058051
1110 = 101058052

2111 = 84280839
1123 = 101057797
1234 = 100992008
2222 = 84215046
0000 = 50529028
0001 = 50529031
9999 = 33686019

If someone guess it i will be thankful :)

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İ guess each digit has a specific value which are added up or calculated somehow. And it depends on the column what the value is, specified by the console itself. (Maybe the SDK tells us the values). You could provide all possibilities to find out the values. İ didnt use the function yet, tho, What do you want to accomplish.

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I'm developing some feature in a website that uses this passcode as authentication, but the site needs to know which digits are. I've tried to give values to the digits for each column but it seems random, like if the code was made by the button code or something like that

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Instead of looking at each passcode as a decimal number, look at it as a hex number.

The hex number created represents 4 bytes, where each byte is the last 2-digits of the VK_PAD keycode.   

For instance, if your pass code in hex format is  02030203 then that represents VK_PAD_X (0x5802) and VK_PAD_Y (0x5803).

Passcode in this case would be X, Y, X, Y


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