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How to play multi disc games of FF 13

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Ff13 is one of the special games, that can be extracted, and placed all in the same exact folder, and ran off the 1st disc default.xex, making the game roughly 9GB, instead of the whole 3 discs being on your hdd.. 


I'll give u this tut:

1. Extract all 3 isos into their own folders.

2. Copy everything but the default.xex from disc 2 and then disc 3, and overwrite the files into disc 1 folder.(the files are identical so you can skip overwritting if you chose)

3. Take the folder and place on hdd, and launch the normal way.. 


This method, you never need to swap the discs.. this method also doesnt work for other games.. just ff13, blue dragon, and maybe 1 or 2 more games..


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1 hour ago, charisma777 said:

So when copying from disc 2 and disc 3, what files should be copied into disc 1? white_data and $SystemUpdate folders?




The white_data folders, just merge them..


It is like ff7, where the game could be played on any disc, because the only differences were the fmvs and such.. 


The files that are duplicates, are the summons and such.. so you can either overwrite(faster) or skip.. i overwrite as it is just quicker imo.. then take dvd/disc 1 folder and boot the game via default.xex.. entire game will play normal and u wont see the "change disc" msg when it becomes that point.. because the files are already there to be found..



the default.xex of disc 1/2/3 are almost identical to each other, just slightly modified to label disc 1/2/3, but disc 1's will load all the time with no problem. 


Edit: you dont need the systemupdate folders, out of any disc, so u can delete all 3 disc versions..

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Hi, I did as what mentioned in the above but it seems I can't progress to chapter 10 which is shall be in disc 3 originally. It stay on NOW LOADING page without any progress. 


Did you face the same problem? 


Please assist. Tq

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