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  1. I wanted to download and install title update for Bioshock Infinite. I am using Freestyle dash. But it didn't work. It would not download the title update. Do I need to connect to jqe360.com? Is it true that FSD is no longer supported for title update? If it's true, how can I manually update the title using usb.
  2. How to play multi disc games of Wolfenstein The New Order

    But, I thought this forum allows RGH XBOX , Aurora, and Freestyle.
  3. I have just downloaded Wolfenstein The New Order game and it comes with 4 different isos. How to play the game on my XBOX?
  4. How to play multi disc games of FF 13

    So when copying from disc 2 and disc 3, what files should be copied into disc 1? white_data and $SystemUpdate folders?
  5. How to play multi disc games of FF 13

    0How to play Multi Disc games of FF 13 (DVD 1,2,3) on XBOX 360? Specifically, I want to play it on external HDD.