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Hi there,

ever wondered how the Aurora Database looks like? You don't know how to get the Information from a database?

This simple Script gives you the ability to view the Database of Aurora.



Icon:  icon.png.323cf00d6c866765550726c91801dfb2.png

Name: DB Viewer

Description: "View your Aurora Database"


What it does:

- Gives you the ability to navigate through all Tables

- Displays the Database Content and Tables directly on your Console






Why did i create this?:

You can check your Database Content straight on your console. Maybe you want to check your content for errors or need some information.



What are the benefits?:

- Check the Database Content. Yes even that could be useful.



Is it final?:

Work In Progress. Also here are some Limitations, which are already known.

Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread.


Where is the download?:

When it's released, with the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console.

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On 1/31/2023 at 6:08 PM, Danielor009 said:

where can i get it, is that in the Aurora Script Repo, Thanks in advance 

It's not released yet.

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