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Rules of selling on RealModScene

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Rules: 1) NO member will be allowed to merely post stuff for sale and 'leave' the site. You will be required to post on here as any other member would. If you wish to merely post and leave, then go to craigslist instead.

2) Prices MUST be stated in the post, no best offer, or whomever gives me the highest amount will get it.

3) Your location must be specified as well as where you are willing to ship to.

4) Seller must state if shipping is included or will be extra.

5) Seller must state what method of payment is accepted

6) If you are a new member then please post pictures, this is not mandatory, but is highly suggested to prove you have what you are offering. When posting pictures, please put your name (forum ID) on a piece of paper in the picture.

7) Once an item is sold, please edit the main post stating so.

8) No linking to other sites to contact you. Email or instant messenger is not suggested to be posted as well, members can contact you via the private message system on this site.

9) More rules to come??

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The site and its owners are merely offering a place for the transaction to take place and are not responsible for the actions or outcome of said transactions and accept no liability. That being said all site staff will work diligently to keep the forums a safe place to conduct such business.

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