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Reflowing Reballing Service

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Im based out of Canada in Cornwall Ontario,, i have a  Scotle IR PRO SC 2 in 1 (Hot air and IR). machine so the rework thats done is done right,,

PS3 i have found replacement chips have been the best as they have lasted longer then reballing, $80-$90 includes complete cleaning

Xbox 360 Reball $60 includes complete cleaning

PS4 Reball $90 includes  complete cleaning,, cannot replace theses chips as the CPU and GPU are together will need the nand replaced also,,

not avaliable yet,

All work comes with a 3 month warranty

Laptops and PC Video cards can also be repaired

Send me an Message if you would like more information

check out my Facebook Page Game World Console Repairs and see as I just reballed a PS4

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