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i get error:  "PLUGIN UPDATE REQUIERED TO CONNECT TO LINK" post-57836-0-23050700-1424798589_thumb.jpg
and its not see to me room (sorry thet my english is bad), the all see good post-57836-0-91468500-1424798596_thumb.jpg (us can see this in the pictures)  and i dont know what do,  i can do what us speak, i very very very happy maby somebody help me, maby need more info i can supply
Thanks in advancepost-57836-0-76114000-1424798683_thumb.jpg

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how i update the fsd?

Download the latest version and replace the files... or just switch to Aurora...

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i not want switch to arura and where i can downlowd the lasted version? you can give me a link?(not system link  :) )


Literally 1 step up from where you posted this thread you'll find "FreeStyle Dashboard Releases" there you find the latest version pinned at the top...

F3 is no longer in development, Aurora however is... which means, eventually you'll want to switch to Aurora anyways ;) it's from the same guys that made F3, just much faster, much cleaner and overall just better...

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