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How do you deal with big libraries? F3 crashes with mine :(

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Hi folks


I am using a 2TB internal HDD and all my content is stored there. My games are stored as GOD.

My drive structure is as follows:

-RGH: With the following subfolders:
--SYSTEM: (With utilities folders lile F3, Dashlaunch...)
--XBOX360GAMES: My XB360 games (60)
--XBLA: My XBLA games (600+)

I have a small 60 XB360 game library that F3 goes along well with. No problems when I am on the XB360 area.

I have the full collection of XBLA games until May 2014. It is a big library with more than 600 games. Around 30 seconds after going into the XBLA section in F3 the dashboard crash miserably on me :(

I have disabled automatic scanning on start and have scanned all the content manually. I choose directly the XBLA type before setting the path, I don't use AUTO and use middle resolution for the game covers.

How do you deal with big libraries so F3 does not crash when loading the section?

I have to still check any crash logs. Have still not read where I can find them.

Any advice is very welcome. Thanks.

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For that many covers I'd definitely go low res.  Also, it has always seemed to me that f3 has been fickle with cover display and downloads.  Whenever I had a problem I've almost always had to do a full re install and start from scratch if I didn't want constant error messages or blank covers.

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I'm not sure with them being god containers. If it was large extracted folders I'd suggest no more than about 200gb in a specific games folder and just have more game paths and games folders. Not sure how to divide the 0000000000000000 folder. Maybe someone has a suggestion on how to accomplish this?

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