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FSD3 game icons duplication with 2 usb hhd

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Yesterday I connected an another external hdd to my xbox360 rgh.

FSD3.483 started after the reboot and it show all the previously existing game icons duplicated.


After the disconnection of the 2nd usb and reboot, the problem doesn't exist.


So, it's tasting like a typical sql error, which can be easily solved with a "distinct" prefix in the sql query.



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Did you remove the first USB HDD before you scanned? You should scan with both HDDs connected. I also name my game directory's different. Delete your DB and try this way.



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So, it is no need to check scanpaths nor rescan, because

1. stage:

- imagine FSD3 runs

- only the 1st hdd runs

- icons are not duplicated

2. stage:

- swithc the 2nd hdd on 

- and wow the icons duplicated


So if's NOT a scanpaths or db error - because in the 1st stage the icons are NOT duplicated at all.


I try to check the inner select's of the fsd3's default.xex.

I think this is the problematic query:


SELECT ContentItemId, ContentItemScanPathId, ContentItemFileType, ContentItemContentType, ContentItemTab, ContentItemPath, ContentItemDirectory, ContentItemFileName, ContentItemTitleId, ContentItemMediaId, ContentItemDiscNum, ContentItemDiscsInSet, ContentItemName, ContentItemDescription, ContentItemDeveloper, ContentItemPublisher, ContentItemGenre, ContentItemRating, ContentItemRaters, ContentItemReleaseDate, RecentlyPlayedTitleDateTime, RecentlyPlayedTitleOrder, UserRatingRating, FavoriteId, ScanPathDeviceId, ContentItemHash ContentItemKinectFlag FROM ContentItems, ScanPaths, MountedDevicesLEFT OUTER JOIN RecentlyPlayedTitles ON ContentItemId = RecentlyPlayedTitleContentId AND RecentlyPlayedTitleGamerProfile = ?LEFT OUTER JOIN UserRatings ON ContentItemId = UserRatingContentId AND UserRatingGamerProfile = ?LEFT OUTER JOIN Favorites ON ContentItemId = FavoriteContentId AND FavoriteGamerProfile = ?WHERE ContentItemScanPathId = ScanPathId AND ContentItemId = ?

because the MountedDevices table.


I looked at my content.db and I saw, that the two USB devices (USB0 and USB1) have SAME MountedDeviceDeviceID's.

I'm pretty sure, that his caused the bug.


There could be two different way of solution:

1st way: need a tool to make all MountedDeviceDeviceID to be unique (I hope, that there is no formatting needed)

2nd way: a DISTINCT prefix after the SELECT keyword.



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Any response ?

As I know, there are lot of queries and updates in FSD3.

So the real solution should be the #1 - need a tool to change the MountedDeviceID's to be unique.

Anyway, what are these ID-s and it is possible to change them without sideeffects ?

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Thank you very much !

Are there any developing or testing thing I can help the developing process ?Please le me know !

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