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Found 4 results

  1. 190 в 1 тренере XBLA 179 в 1 Сохраните редакторы 400 игры Игра Aurora Trainers pack 603 - 2018 Treners xyz 150 игра 360haven treners 54 игра Программа XPG_Chameleon_v1.30 Программа XYZProject V0.1.9 Программа XYZTrainer V2.1 + 600 траншеекопателей https://disk.yandex.ru/d/g-zjrL2jsceF2w https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DPQgVGkSmo85J03Re14zgE1DhwmyXEbQ?usp=sharing
  2. Today I am going to show you just how easy it is to update your JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 game console with XeBuild's new built in updater. Thank you to the team behind XeBuild for your ongoing support of the xbox console and for always keeping us up to date, without you there would be no xbox 360 scene. I encourage everyone to send a small donation to the XeBuild team at donations@realmodscene.com First thing you need to do is download XeBuild, Dashlaunch, 16537 and the common packages posted at the bottom of this page. Extract the Dashlaunch package and in the extracted folder you will see a folder named 'Installer', move this folder and the default.xex it contains over to your xbox 360 HDD, USB or internal memory (anywhere you can access it using your F3 Filemanager). Navigate to the default.xex in the installer folder on your xbox console and run the it. This is the dashlaunch installer, it will prompt you to update as soon as it is launch as the version of dashlaunch on your console is older then the version you are running. Follow the onscreen prompts and it will install dashlaunch and shut down the console. Turn the console back on and load the dashlaunch installer default.xex again. You will be greeted with the Current Options screen, go down to the last option in the list 'Configurator' and click A to expand the menu. The 3rd option down will be 'updserv' and it will be disabled, enable it and leave dashlaunch running on your console. Now go back to your computer and extract the XeBuild and common packages, take the 111 files from the common package and copy them into the 'common' folder from the extracted XeBuild package. Extract the 16537 package and place the '$Systemupdate' folder you get from it in the XeBuild 16537 folder. Back out of the 16537 folder so you are now in the XeBuild folder, make sure no files or folders are highlighted or selected. Hold shift on your keyboard and right click in an empty part of the folder being sure not to click on any of the files or folders and you will see an option in the right click menu that says 'open command window here', click it. You have now been greeted with a beautiful command prompt window already in the XeBuild folder just waiting for you to tell it what to do. Type in the following command xebuild update -f 16537 Press enter and stand back and watch XeBuild work it's magic! XeBuild will now read your NAND, create an updated freeBOOT image for your, flash it to your NAND and then apply the Avatar and Kinect data to your console. When it is done the console will reboot and you will be in the updated stock dashboard once the console loads up. Now wasn't that easy? Thank you XeBuild! I encourage everyone to send a small donation to the XeBuild team at donations@realmodscene.com 16537.zip common.zip Dash Launch 3.10.zip xeBuild_1.09.zip
  3. I spent a long time messing with this... longer, admittedly, than it should have taken me lol. But, here's for anyone else having problems installing the latest dash to their Cygnos v2 JTAG!! Here are the required tools: -Cygnos toolbox latest, which is available here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD -fbbuild .2 w/ all necessary dash files: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD First thing is first. This is written assuming that you've already gotten your original nand image backed up, and are working with a cygnos converted freeboot image now, as in that is what you HAVE installed, and want to replace (eg 12611). Also written assuming you already have your cygnos windows drivers installed. There are tutorials already out there for that.Preliminary stuff: Once you've un-rared fbbuild v0.20.rar, go to the folder inside titled 'mydata' and open the cpukey.txt file. Replace the digits at the top with your cpu key. Have your freeboot (or otherwise cygnos-patched/confirmed working image)on hand. Now, the good stuff: -Plug power into your cygnos jtag, but do not turn it on. Make sure you flip the cygnos switch off, then on again for caution's sake. -Plug the USB from your cygnos into the computer -Launch Cygnos Toolbox -Select the "Extract Sections" tab. In the top box, "Image," navigate to your pre-existing freeboot image. Now, extract your kv as kv.bin and your SMC config as config.bin -Select the "Patch SMC" tab. -Again, navigate to your freeboot image, then extract your smc as smc.bin -Now, go back into your fbbuild folder. In my data, place all those files (kv.bin , smc.bin , and config.bin) in that directory. -Open a command window in the folder containing fbbuild.exe -In the command prompt, follow this example (as in the ibuild readme): BUT!!! add the following operand to the end of your command: -f 12625 For example:fbbuild.exe -c falcon -d mydata -f 12625 myfalconout.bin -Let it build. Flash with cygnos toolbox. Enjoy!I know... nothing ground breaking. But, hopefully it will help someone.
  4. The XeBuild team has released an update to their Xbox360 nand builder, XeBuild 1.04. Along with some minor bug fixed they have also added support for the Corona motherboard. There is no need to update your current nand images as the fixes are minor. xeBuild_1.04.zip 15574.zip
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