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  1. Hello rsm community, the xmplayer freeze everytime when i choose "start from 00:00" or "from beginning" again. The dl link doenst work also. Is there any alternative besides ffplay and mugen?
  2. Get a Non glitched/hacked console for e.g. go to amazon and order a cheap one. 2nd option would be to install a dual nand.
  3. emplix

    Help|XMPLAYER 0.0.4

    download that file in the link and try to replace this file with the other xenon.elf in the xmplayer folder. peecee.dk/upload/download/421784
  4. http://pastebin.com/1NFR2fdx i can play videos now! it works with the replaced xenon.elf from your download link. nothing freeze its all good Thanks a lot Siz!
  5. according to free60 link i dont have pc serial port on my lap and im totally a noob in soldering and stuff. is there a another way to make a log?
  6. I attached a file about the codec. what do you mean with UART Log? How im gonna do it? codec.html
  7. Did you read the big fat text on the top of this thread? its an homebrew app. you can play movies on your hdd.
  8. I got an issue with playing mkv/avi files from an external platium hard drive which is ntfs formatted. When im trying to start/load a file and it begins to freeze. my box doenst react to anything besides a reboot. I just uploaded a video for better understanding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHmfO8vcIvY I hope you can reply to my problem. edit: btw i tried both options "start from beginning" and "resume from 00:00". i put xmplayer v.0.0.4 and dashlaunch 3.09 in separated folders on the root of my usb pen.
  9. its not only the login problem. LiNK just crashed several times when im playing system link.
  10. yes you have to convert SR4 to GOD.
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