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    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    @jquevedog @MaesterRowen Hello friends, YouTuber Damian190 writes to congratulate them for their work and inform them that we are doing promotion to the system link, we also have a large group in Colombia and we want to donate and help so that the system link continĂșes. We are managing, the Spanish-speaking population of this platform and we want to contact to have first-hand information about improvements in the servers or the interface, to connect more effectively the information to Spanish-speaking people. I am attentive to your response and I need to know who I should contact, I can be found on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/ESdamian190 youtube: https://goo.gl/lsnpRB
  2. We are going to see how to play halo 2 of XBOX CLASSIC but it is valid for any game of xbox classic that has interconnection support, we will do it by system link. since the kai server is already obsolete, how do we do it? we are going to agree all the players that are going to play to give a synchronized jump of 360 game to an xbox classic game. There are no longer excuses for you not to take your xbox360 out of the closet and live a few moments of memories of the xbox classic. I want to see everyone in the facebook and discord group, it's a sin not to join if you have an xbox360 rgh. The links are in the description of the following video tutorial where you will see it more clearly. video tutorial "jugar halo 2 xbox classic en systemlink desde una xbox360 rgh"