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  1. I have a JTAG Xbox 360. I installed the netflix app and the media update onto the internal drive. I Title Update 16 and it worked perfectly. At first when I copied it over onto the USB I was having the issue with it wanting to update to live gold. That was prior to me installing the title update. After that was installed I experience the Fatal Error. Once I installed the Media update it worked perfectly. The only issue I had was finding english instructions. The videos online were mainly all spanish except one and that helped me figure it all out also. Best of luck to you and I am posting this on 3.31.2018. For those of you who are wondering if this still works and if the information is still up to date. The biggest challenge might be to find active links to download the program and updates.
  2. Thanks Jpizzle. I was just wanting to make sure that the same tutorial worked for FS3 because I know you posted that prior to its release. I usually try to avoid bricking things, so thought I would check!
  3. What are the steps necessary to install Xbox 1 Games onto an external HDD in order for FSD to properly load them? My current setup is a fresh install of FSD3. I have a few ISO of xbox1 games. So the steps from there are what I am requesting for the community.
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