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  1. Alright, thanks! I'll redownload it later today then.
  2. I understand that. Okay, let me explain in a bit more detail. I have DLC installed for Skyrim in the correct location on my HDD. This is official DLC, not packaged PC mods. Skyrim loads without error from a DVD rip stored on the HDD. Skyrim crashes when attempting to load DLC while the DVD rip is stored elsewhere and being accessed via ConX. Other games I have with DLC will load without error from a ConX location. So my question is, is this problem exclusive to Skyrim or are there other games with a similar problem? Does anyone have any tips or a fix for this problem with Skyrim or a similar situation with another game? Thank you for the replies, they're much appreciated.
  3. But why would DLC be causing an issue when loading Skyrim from ConX and not from HDD?
  4. I've been using ConX and it has its pros and cons. It's great that I have space free on my internal HDD now, but you can't back up a DVD straight to your ConX location, some games experience longer load times, and Skyrim won't run at all (for me, at least). ConX runs over Samba so it's been a bit faster than FTP for transfers.
  5. Hello! I'm new to FSD as well, but I've got a few answers for you 1) Yes, you can FTP games to your Xbox from your PC. Use your favorite FTP program and connect to your Xbox's IP with username: xbox and password: xbox 2.1) Whenever games have shown incorrectly I've traditionally checked my scan paths and then deleted FSDDataDatabasescontent.db. This causes FSD to rebuild your list of games from the scan paths. (You need to delete the content.db file with another program on your 360. I use XeXMenu for this.) 2.2) If album art is incorrect, you can refresh it by pressing Y on the game and the choosing "Refresh Artwork". 3) What game is it? What do you mean by it won't load? (is there a crash notification? black screen after start? etc?) 4) Scan paths function like this. Say I have a folder called "Games" on the root of my internal HDD that contains subfolders for "Arcade", "Retail", "Homebrew", etc. and I want to set up FSD to log all of my retail games. I would then set up a scan path for the location "Hdd1:GamesRetail", check both of the "Xbox 360" boxes under Retail and Devkit and set an appropriate scan depth. An appropriate scan depth is just long enough to find all of your games' default.xex files. If scan depth is set to "2" then FSD will look in all subfolders starting from the scan path up to two levels deep for games. 5) Are you talking about looking through the HDD in FSD's file explorer? If that's the case, yes it is a bit sluggish because a controller isn't an ideal tool to search through a bunch of files. I usually use FTP to sort through content.
  6. Hello everyone, So I'm having a problem loading Skyrim from a ConX location. I've got the latest TU, FSD version, and Dashboard version. Other games load from their ConX location without issue and Skyrim loads from the internal HDD without issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem and have a fix? Or am I just gonna have to bite the bullet and keep Skyrim stored locally? Thanks
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