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  1. Thanks mate. after i posted i saw another post explaining why you aint supporting the new dash and it makes sense.
  2. I know its not safe to go on live with RGH but what if i want to purchase DLC. To be precise i want to get the toy box add ons for disney infinity as they are tied to the save file and not the usual DLC.
  3. Splinter Cell problem still exists
  4. Yes they can!! Very happy man here in Australia right now. Thanks for the recommendation on the billion 7800
  5. I admit it sounds confusing what i am trying to do but basically: On Link i can join games with both consoles no problem if someone else is hosting. On Link i cannot host games and be seen by the other console and vice versa. I can if i disable Link and just use trusty old system link but this means i am limited to whoever is on my network i.e 1v1 (THIS IS NOW BEEN REMEDIED BY SWITCHING TO A BILLION 7800)
  6. yes that is correct. I want to hosta game on console A so that console B can join as well as others on link
  7. Went with a billion 7800. gonna try Link setup soon
  8. i have 2 consoles on link and they are running on different ports. The thing is they can both join a game that is already being hosted but cannot see or join a game hosted by each other. The issue i have is when i try to host a game for some reason neither console can see one another when the other is hosting. I was told that my router needs to support "port reflection" but i cant seem to find the settings for that within the modem. They can see each other if i turn off link and play games as a system link only but not when using LiNK
  9. Can anyone please advise a suitable router for use on LiNK. I am currently using a Dlink 2740B but it does not support port reflection as my 2 consoles cannot see each other to join if one tries to start a game. They can join other games on link fine just not start one. All tests pass in link but i was told on here previously it is a port reflection issue and there is no options in my router for NAT reflection.
  10. Including Splinter Cell Blacklist disc swap??
  11. I take it this will be the standard update procedure from now on?
  12. Worked great!!! Pity this Dashlaunch hasnt fixed the Splinter Cell Blacklist disc swap error
  13. Port reflection? Is that to do with NAT settings? From what ive read should i change my NAT settings to FULL CONE NAT to enable port reflection. My router is a D-Link 2740B.
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