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  1. Honestly? How dumb are you Simple question? I never got mad, or started bitching because you didn't help me. I asked you a simple question, and you lost your shit because of it.I only started it, because you have no respect for new users. You could have just said we don't support Online, but instead you took it as a huge insult as if i shat on yout birthday cake! Lmao, and no you cant do shit. If you think you think i should respect you Just because you made a program you are by far the biggest loser! (You need a Reality Check That wont save you in the real world buddy.) Also when did i even say i had the knowledge and skills? My lord you're the most delusional person! I'm done arguing with you have a nice day being an Online Badass looooooool
  2. Lol i need to learn some respect? I asked a simple question and got told.
  3. Lmao nice tip jackass. I can already go online on my jasper. You can't do shit, and i would like to see you try. K Thx
  4. Lol its not only about going online, but i cant use plugins for apparition a modding program, or set paths to start up in FSD. I'm sorry if i shat on your birthday cake lmaooo
  5. Well i reflashed my Xbox and Dashlaunch 3.12 was working with Dashboard Version 2.0.16756.0 on my Corona V6. However it would red ring alot! I'm just trying to get my RGH online, but in order to do that i need 3.12 in a stable working condition or wait for 3.13. I would downgrade but i cant go online on 16747. Do you know when 3.13 will be released?
  6. Hi im trying to install Dashlaunch on a Xbox 360e Corona V6 RGH Console. Everytime i open up DashLaunch it opens perfectly. The main problem is i cant set paths, Use Plugins, Cant enable network settings, etc without my Xbox Freezing. I have Dashlaunch V3.12 and its Saved in the Root HDD1 on XeX Menu. I'm on Dashboard Version 2.0.16756.0 if that helps. I read that DashLaunch isn't up to date with the latest dashboard which is why this happening. Please someone help i really want to use this. I'm still learning here can someone please help me out? It would be highly appreciated! Pictures http://gyazo.com/6d54d01a495d0b76c8277a287b5bc7da http://gyazo.com/dafd0d04021ec5ce44422f3dcd0c5463 http://gyazo.com/b7eb19d219223a47af5d4c6d1605a7fc http://gyazo.com/c12937a462e1fb8c221321b295dfa2fa
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