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    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    I have several games with multiple *.bin files. Is there a better way to manage these so I am not scrolling down the menu forever. Thanks!
  2. Google "tyrquake github" to learn about "Quake: the offering". Special thanks to GOG, acquired several PAK's. Under the ROM's folder i created the following folders: Quake_1 Quake_1_Hipnotic Quake_1_Rogue_Mission Then used PakExplorer to move all id1 Pak1 compressed files into PAK0. This file then became the base for Hipnotic, then copied/overwrote hypnotic files into the base. Then do the same for Rogue Mission. Tyrquake appears to handle only one file and must be in the format pak0.pak (is not cap sensitive). End file sizes in Win10 should be 51,306kb 84,017kb and 84,791kb This allowed me to start each area but i did not fully test. BestNoob recommended the config.cfg should be copied also which I will try soon. Unfortunately I did not have the same success with Quake II. Good luck! PS - Other internet searches indicated the add-on missions should have been renamed as PAK2 or PAK3 instead of merging the data with the base.
  3. g33

    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Maybe if I wasn't in such a hurry and installed "pcsxr-360 2.1.0" then installed "pcsxr-360.2.1.0-crash-team-racing-fix.bin" it would work better. I assumed the later was a complete install.
  4. I was able to get "Quake Shareware PAK 1.06" to load. It has a single *.pak file. However the the screen is always panning to the left until I tap on the right joystick of the game pad. Maybe you have a different version of Tyrquake than I do. I do not have a readme. I downloaded it using the link in this thread. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4957-emulators-that-work-with-auroras-autolaunch-feature/ The download has a default.xex dated 1/12/2015 size of 4,680kb, but when ran on the Xbox is a default.xex is 4,792,320 in size and there are 535 items in the folder structure. Now I am wondering about creating my own PAK files, but would like to know if others have tried it.
  5. BestNoob - Thanks for the feedback. Please note I have many quake games all of which have PK4's and PAK's in multiple directories, hence I have roms. At this time I can not get the emulator to launch using the PK4 or PAK's i have, hence I do not have the opportunity to test the navigation buttons. Several days ago I saw a post which stated this xbox emulator supports Quake 1, 2, 3, and 4. However the Github distribution of Tyrquake for other platforms indicates it only supports Quake and Quake World which I do not have at this time. Please tell me which Quake(s) you have, how many PAK's it has per ROM etc so I can attempt to replicate your success. Thanks.
  6. g33

    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Can I fix the "missing the XUI data"? My google search was not that productive. On another note, devilhunter stated on this thread "it appears to be frozen, its a menu bug, hold right trigger then the left one and vice versa then it should work.". That was not fruitfull for me either. Thanks for the help.
  7. g33

    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    I have Aurora .5b r1025 and PCSXR 2.1.0 on the internal hard drive next to other emulators /Hdd1/Emulators/PSX. I attempt to run the xex from Aurora, then the screen goes blank and I lose FTP access (dead system). I then reboot Xbox, then use Aurora/FTP and see an expanded folder containing: covers, gameguides, gameprofile, gameshader, memcards, stats, all of which are empty, and also default.xex. I expected to see a rom folder but did not. When I reboot a second time and attempt to start default.xex within Aurora or Xexmenu1.2 I get a black screen and an unresponsive counsel. Please help. Thanks!
  8. I was able to get xbox-libretro-prboom working with individual WADS using Aurora, however I have not had luck with tyrquake. The quakes I have access to have multiple PAK's in sub directories, or have multiple PK4's. Please advise what you have seen that works. Thanks!
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