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  1. Hello fellas today i copied some games from a friends hdd and the didn't show up after scanning. I tried using higher scan depth -still the same. Then i did the dumb thing to delete my first scan path and it deleted all my game links . After rescanning i just got Unreal tournament witch is copied from a dvd and has a different folder structure than all my other games. Please help me figure this out. Edit: Ok i got it - somehow the location of my unreal game - lower folder depth was the problem
  2. Please guys someone repost the latest version of this software.
  3. My default gateway is On automatic the dns server gives the console 101 address when i try to forward this address it doesn't work. If you see the pic with the forwarding - it is set to all protocols.
  4. Hello guys, i'm trying to but something goes wrong. My router sees the console but i can't ping it and the port forwarding doesn't work. I've watched a tutorial and did everything. I'm attaching photos for you to see the whole information. Please help
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