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  1. its been years since this game got out i know, but ive been having this problem for a long time now and i cant complete the game! The game start off fine, everything goes smooth for a while until after a few missions it shows "Fatal crash intercepted" and the whole xbox just freezes. I thought it might be a problem with my account or my save file or some thing, so i restarted the game from scratch on a new account and on a clean hard drive and yet at the same point it crashes again. ANY IDEA WHY THIS PROBLEM IS OCCURRING ? PLEASE HELP!
  2. damn it expected that would be the only answer i get, GOOGLE.
  3. does anybody know where i could download the compatibility pack 2 ? Apparently the TU 8 does not work without it.
  4. Thank you so much guys, i reset the connection settings and enabled xhttp as well. everything is running smooth now. All i have to do now is to figure out how to port forward for my LiNK to work properly .
  5. resetting network settings in nxe ?
  6. I installed Aurora by using one of the guides i found here. i even set it to default using Dashlaunch. But when i added the hard drive, what ever i try neither the cover nor any of the features related to the game works. All it does is that it adds all the games to the main page. But otherwise its just shows "no covers". i have even tried adding the game individually, it shows downloading 3 items or something, but it doesnt download nothing. is there anything i might have done wrong during the installation or something in the dashlaunch that could have caused this. PLEASE HELP ME OUT THIS, I CANT FIGURE OUT WHY I CANT DOWNLOAD THE BOX ART AND STUFF LIKE THAT. it honestly looks waay to dull without the covers.
  7. well everything looks simple all thanx to that tutorial by swizzy. all i know is : Board - trinity flash - trinity type - glitch2 But i cant seem to find my hack type i.e is it RGH, RGH2 or JTAG ? ANY HELP ON THIS ?
  8. so your saying that is the only reason for this issue yeah ?
  9. oh well there is no need to update my FSD beforehand, just follow your tutorial yeah ?
  10. i am looking forward on updating my dashboard. thought i would use this tutorial (http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144) by swizzy i think. SO is there anything i should take care of before i go forward with updating my dashboard. Any precautions or any thing at all i need to take care of before updating ? Currently my dashboard version is 16203 and i am running FSD. PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE, kind of a newbie to this and i really don't want to screw things up.
  11. I recently downloaded call of duty black ops lll and advanced warfare for my xbox 360. But i cant really find the reason to why i am receiving this error, " The game couldn't start, try downloading the game again. "\ In fact its the same case with all the new games. So what is the problem here actually ? should i update my dashboard or is any other reason to why i cant play any of the new games ? PLEASE HELP.
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