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  1. Can malware exist on a jtag/rgh? Ik kv stealers do exist tho. I hope I won't experience it. But what about malware that would delete all your files from ur NAND and shiz? Are these possible? Can someone easily create viruses as crazy as ransomwares, or a script that would stream Kinect's vision? This question bugs me...
  2. same thing happened to me. first it was system link crashing the xbox. disabling RSS feed fixed it. now utility scripts won't work anymore. it just keeps cancelling the loading process. what happened with ur servers? sumtin must've affected them.
  3. One of my posts got deleted without any explanation. What have I done wrong? It was titled [LiNK buddies, again..] No warning point was received. Thead moved to Feedback Forum ! Dr.Gonzo
  4. EDIT: Please make the app available for Windows Phones too. There aren't much apps on my platform. We're just on the rise.
  5. These kind of posts are just foken dumb. If you don't want modders, why tf are you on a modded platform? Go get a retail, and join XBL. Why exactly are you bitching about modders in their own forum and platform? What were you expecting?
  6. disable RSS feed, keep UPNP enabled. after changing these settings, restart your xbox. now try again. if that doesn't work, redownload aurora. have a great day!
  7. Do you guys know that there's a Multiplayer Mod for pirated/non-steam GTA Vs on the PC? People use that mod as they are unable to connect to Steam. Or that they have the original game, but they just want to use mods on MP with no ban. Can we make a mod menu like that for GTA V on the Xbox 360 tho? Not familiar with the mod? You install this mod menu normally, and enable it using combo keys. You can connect but can't host servers. It doesn't load your GTA Online character, but you can switch player models through another mod menu. It basically makes GTA V's Single Player Campaign multiplayer. Can we port this PC mod to Xbox 360 as a plugin? That would be foken awesome!
  8. [REMOVED] Topic Edit For the Feature, please choose a meaningful Topic Title ! Dr.Gonzo.
  9. I've seen this pic on Aurora Releases/Update Information - Aurora 0.5b, http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4848-update-information-aurora-05b/ (Top Right Corner) Can we have an FPS Counter with highest, lowest and average FPS? That would be very cool!
  10. Is it possible to create a plugin that streams the Xbox 360 across the network and view the stream on a PC? Which ports should be opened? Can the stream be viewed from a browser?
  11. Hey Swizzy, I found out that the problem was caused by Aurora's File Manager. I had Aurora placed on my Usb. I launched and copied it onto the root of OnBoardMU. Aurora's File Manager deleted blank folders during the process. That's why I had the error Cuz Backgrounds, Icons, Import and Trainers folders in Aurora/User were empty...
  12. Thank you salah.rgh2! It was Aurora/User/Backgrounds btw.. It works now
  13. Should I save it as a .lua file and place it in Aurora/User/Scripts/Utility ? Is that it? Or should I edit or add some more lines to make it work?
  14. Will there be a profile panel in a future update? I want it so much!
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