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  1. zaydgta

    BO2 Zombies

    im going to be online all day today
  2. zaydgta

    BO2 Zombies

    im still available
  3. zaydgta

    BO2 Zombies

    how about mob of the dead ?
  4. Time frame when i will be available is between 1:00 till 5:00 PST I want some players who know how to do the Easter eggs on Buried,Mob of the dead,or Origins I have already done the Origins Easter egg solo but if you guys like we could do it again
  5. i will give you the link to download all of black ops 2 dlc for free
  6. zaydgta

    BO2 Zombies

    ok,but unfortunately i will have to play on next sunday so when i will come back i will set a specific time frame
  7. do you want to play black ops 2 zombies origins ?
  8. zaydgta

    BO2 Zombies

    the problem is that i am in egypt which is in a different timeline but i want to play with people who can speak english
  9. zaydgta

    BO2 Zombies

    im just downloading origins now,so do you want to play mob of the dead ?
  10. who wants to help me get the main easter eggs on buried or mob of the dead or origins ?
  11. I just want to get the easter egg, i need 3 players who knows the steps to the easter egg
  12. if you want then join ZombieZ Public Room and join my game. Does anyone want to play zombies, maybe greif on town ?
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