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  1. i plug the ps3 for about 6 hours without pushing the power button, after that green lights since to turn off a little longer for about 5 seconds, and i can hear a click when it shutdown, so left it again for another 30 minutes, then finally it worked, hmmm weird problem, gonna try again later for i have to go to work (crossing my finger :-) )
  2. Hi to all, I have a jb ps3, given by my brother from australia, whenever i plug the system, theres no red light, when i push the power button, the green lights will appear for only 1 sec. if I push it again, i only hear a beep, so i unplug it and plug again, same results, no red lights, push power button green will appear for only 1 sec. Then i went to a technician, it works on them, so i try again at home and it works, the next day, same problem again with the power, button, so i just plug it for one hour not pushing the power button, after 1 hour it work, i only played for 30 mins. but the next day same problem again in power, i plug the it for one hour, nothing happens same results, no red lights, push power button green lights for only 1 sec. i already tried the pushing the power button and holding for 30 secs or more as suggest in youtube but nothing happens, sorry for long story, what do you think is the problem? btw im here in the philippines, Hope somebody can help me. thank you and more power.
  3. Hello to all sorry for this noob question, should i download all the title updates or just the latest for example Mass Effect 2 there is 1 to 5 update should download them all or just the title update 5 considering its the latest. Thank you
  4. Thank you sir, just used the updated DAslaunch and it works! More power to you sir. Thank you
  5. Well I can enable to disable everything in the dashlaunch by pressing A except for xhttp, if this have to do with the connection of my net? I try what you have suggested Sir, thanks, I will update you later :-)
  6. hello sir already tried editing the launh.ini tru my pc, but still not working i really don't know why cant i enable xhttp on my dashlaunch :-( T_T
  7. hello po mga sir, pinoy din po ako, patulong na rin po sana :-)
  8. anyone? hope you can help, i think i'm the only one having this problem :-(
  9. Hello sir, I have 17502 update, aurora .5b, dashlaunch v.3.15, xexmenu 1.2, FAD forgot the version by I think it is updated, I haven't downloaded any other skins etc. that's on my Xbox 360, still can't enable xhhtp :-( Edit: FSD not FAD sorry for the mistake :-)
  10. Hello to all, I'm not really a genius when it comes to program, I'm having a problem on api key (always error) most suggeston i've read so far is enabling the xhttp, why is it that i cannot enabled my xhttp on my dashboard v3.15, sorry for this noob question, thank you
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