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  1. how to check the chip??? can you help me swizzy.... Thanks in advance
  2. should I open my xbox 360 to check the wires ??? or should i upload the video of xbox 360?
  3. changing the dash launch setting can change the boot time??? I have changed the dashlaunch setting to setup the LiNK.....
  4. dear experts. Same issue is also now happening to me as well when the xbox is cold the xbox won't boot up to the kernal and after a 5-10 min or even more it boots up.I am using the xbox 360 e console 250 gb corona v5 and glitch v 2. When it is not booting up,i have to remove all the cables and controllers, then i put my xbox upside down connect all the cables and power on the console so after 30 secs it boots up. What may be the reason for this? when I updated my kernal last 2 weeks ago it was booting very fast and normal within 10 secs but now it is taking very long to boot up.... kindly help me...
  5. Thanks alot Swizzy for your help. I have successfully upgraded my console to 17489... but while saving the NAND dump i have got an error. rawdump v1 started (by Swizzy) game:\flashdmp.bin opened OK, attempting to read 0x1080000 bytes from flash... ! SFCX: Bad block found at 0x98 block 0x98 seems bad, status 0x350 is there any thing to worry about regarding this bad block???
  6. Dear Experts , I am a new bie and I have Xbox 250 GB E console Corona mobo and Glitch 2 and dashboard v 2.0.16756 and i need to update to latest kernal 17489. Could any one plz guide me the steps for updating the kernal.I have seen below mentioned video for kernal upgrading for corona mobo but i am confused while using the steps when the guy saves the file and save corona 4g in the xebuild gui. whether i will use the deafult name of corona or i use corona 250g while saving the update file. Thanks http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x297tg7_how-to-update-jtag-rgh-kernel-17489-corona_videogames
  7. dear all... can i update my xbox 360 E 250 GB console???? Kindly reply . thanks
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