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    Hi guys How are you today and i wanna talk about youtube today and actually my youtube channel so my youtube channel is not growing so well but i have about 22 subs and i post videos so what i need from you is can u subscribe to me so i can sub back to you oh btw link your youtube channel so i can sub but please guys sub to my channel if u can Thank you for the support https://www.youtube....l8-qnLXyPlVF4DA my youtube channel
  2. M10M

    Hi guys im back

    imagine how a hacked xbox one will be the new games even an online servers but its actually hard and it takes time all we have to do is wait and i know u guys you're working hard on it any way its seems that there aren't many players playing on the xbox 360 what happend
  3. Hello there guys im back to this site its been like 1 year i think i left the site cuz i didn't have anything to do and of course my jtag xbox360 dosent work any way im back to see when will somebody hack the xbox one and that will be awoesm any way im glad that im back peace Have a NICE DAY
  4. M10M

    xboxlive stealth

    lol btw did u slap him xD
  5. swizz i will give u the download link for the files its easy i will send u all th files i downladed from my xbox ip
  6. look swizz i boot to xell reloaded and my xbox conntected to the internet so i entred my xbox ip and its give me three files the first one was flashdmp.bin and the second was kv_raw.bin and the third was fuses.txt so i lunched xboxgui and opend flasdmp.bin and i enterd my cpu key and i genereted a hack image like when u update your xbox and the i put the updmp.bin in my usb stick and put in my xbox and then i launched xell and when its finished its said update complete shut down now and when i turned my xbox off its and restart it it doesnt boot (hope u understand what im saying my english its not good) and yea xell its still boot
  7. well i dont have much to say but....... i reflashed the nand and its still dosent boot up so sad
  8. oh really wow i didnt know that thx swizz but can u show me how im noob at dis stuff thx by the way nm i knw it i realy thank your mr swizz u are a real problem slover xD
  9. Mr swizzy how do i reflash my nand if my xbox wont even boot i waited like 1 hour and nothing happend it doesnt even boot up if u slove my problem i will realy be thankful
  10. no need for that any more i have 10 mb/s broadband conection :D
  11. i have 3g on my phone and i downloaded tus from xbox unity xD
  12. swizzy i have seen this i can only boot to xell reloaded c do u want me to send a video for u
  13. M10M

    What do you say

    halv of my freinds have ps4 and halv them have xbox1 so they tell shop an xbox1 and the other tell me shop ps4 so i tink i will shop an xbox1 thx swizzy by the way u are a problem slover xD look bro i only shop consoles every 4 or 5 years and i only shop them in christmas
  14. so this may be a stupid question but what do you say guys Upgrading to XBOX ONE or PS4 its realy complicated
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