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  1. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+to+set+up+Link+in+fsd+3 Google is ur friend.
  2. IF u want fsd as default , Just make sure you got dashlaunch on ur console or a launch.ini file to set the default path
  3. Hello This is up to console and console & person to person, But whats is the average life time of a xbox 360 without any issues ?? If someone know Thanks =)
  4. It could be that ur banned or somthing , But i cant say , Cause im not reallysure about this i rly doubt it tho, Sounds like a bug to me .
  5. Do you try in games even if it fails ? I played tons with all fail without issues , Somtimes Fsd says opposite of whats really is true.
  6. croize

    LiNK Help

    And even if stuff fails , ITs not 100 % it doesnt work , Somtimes F3 shows diffrent then its rly is
  7. Yes , when it does COME into the dash , Nothing to do with the boot really. Read above.
  8. Idk if that was a misstake maybe , But im not sure.
  9. download the title update from a diffrent source and manually install it.
  10. croize

    An issue..

    Maybe its named somthing else ? ...
  11. even if u format with the xbox , It will reserve and probably limit it.
  12. You most likely need to update with kinect connected .
  13. ye i guess , 9 months ago i ordered , And it came with 16197 dash -.-" But ye hopefully , But that isnt quite explain what i asked Yes i used the UPDSERVER aswell , then a few boots and xbox didnt wanna boot no more But please give me answer what i asked Took a quick look when dashboards was released , Highest one seem to be 16197 , my bad
  14. Hey there ! Im curious , Lets say im on kernel 16197 , Updating to 16537, If i now need to reflash cause somthing went wrong ( with the last working nand ) Will the dashboard automatic goes down to the 16197 then or will it stay 16537 ? Im curious , Cause when i now sended my jtag xbox to the store to repair , They most likely put the nand they had from when they did it , So i just wanna know if i will get the xbox repaired back to me with 16197 or 16537 Thanks =)
  15. i got same issue / had same issue , Updated my kernel through xebuild 1.8 . Although i sended it back to the store who jtaged it for me , Really hope it can be fixed without any issues =)
  16. Is this issue for all games or diablo only ? If it happends to all games i would recommend to reinstall FSD. If it doesnt solve idk.
  17. croize

    GTA 5 question

    yes , Everything seems better and funnier in gta v , Even car driving is diffrent , The game run even smoother... just try it ... its worth it
  18. Okay then , Well i sended it to the persons who made it for me , Im sure they can figure it out , Thanks JPizzle
  19. No video support for it on coronas ? Darn that suck And yep i do , But my problem is diffrent , My xbox worked a while after update , Could still be the same issue even if its delayed ?
  20. And if xell isnt working ? Xell doesnt work on my corona or it just dont exist.
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