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  1. My console is pretty far from the router so it is kinda difficult. Where can I find the IP I should use? Could you please help me fill the fields in my previous comment? Thanks
  2. Ooops... Forgot to mention that really important thing. Yes, I am sharing the network with my pc. Does that mean that the static ip should be the computers too or only the ports? And how do I know what ip should I enter? What do I fill here? Thanks for the really quick reply!
  3. Hello Everyone! As the title says, I can't play on system link. I am using a shared network with my pc. I followed the tutorial here: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3848-tuthow-to-setup-aurora-with-system-link/ I followed every step there but when I do the verification on the aurora settings it gets pass on everything except the last two port checks where It can't reach the port. I have made a static IP, and enabled the UPnP as shown here: And opened ports (virtual servers) like so: Although I see other players in the rooms of the system link, I can't see no games or matches in any game I tried (C.O.D BO/BO2, Modern Warfare 2). I would be really glad if someone could help me as I really want to play online. Thank you!!!
  4. Hello! When I verify LiNK, everything is ok except the last two: data port reachable and broadcoast port reachable. What should I do? Please answer and help me, I really want to play online. Thank you!
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