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  1. Aha. Aurora Asset Editor. I've used that! I think I can figure this out.
  2. It is? Excellent! Can you please show me how I'd do that?
  3. I installed Genesis Plus 360 on my hard drive tonight, but Unity wants to give it a "Super Nintendo" cover. How do I fix this? The title ID is 0001039.
  4. Can't find any data in the link www.realmodscene.com/xbins/ any more. What gives? I really enjoyed having everything catetorized and in a folder tree order. Where else can I find a similar mirror?
  5. When I used to click on Freestyle Home in the guide menu, it would load Aurora. On my latest slim with 1tb hdd, its not working, it jusr goes to FSD. What do I need to change to get it working correctly? Also, can I change the guide entry to make it say "Aurora Home" ?
  6. I might be interested in buying your whole kit. PM me with what you've got in total and maybe we'll be able to work something out. Thanks!
  7. Nothing? Am I lowballing too much?
  8. I was hoping to stay in the $25 range, but I'm open to whatever is available.
  9. Anyone got an x360usb Pro laying around that they're not going to use any more. I just stumbled on 3 phat consoles all with LiteOn drives and I'd like to flash them.
  10. I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I can't seem to find a way to add the "Emulators" genre to my dashboard. Can someone help me to get this set up so I can add Emulators to that section? Thanks!
  11. That's probably what the issue is. I was used to exiting using the xbox button and exiting that way. I'll re-test....
  12. I've set button 'A' to launch F3 and button 'X' to launch Dashlaunch in my Dash Launch setup, but no matter what button I hit, Aurora loads. How do I fix this?
  13. I've successfully edited both the database (using an SQL editor) and the coverart asset files (using the asset editor) to make some changes I was looking for. For some reason my Genesis 360 emulator was pulling SNES 360 artwork, and I also wanted Minecraft to show up in my games list, not in XBLA. I really like the ability to make custom changes like this. This dash rocks.
  14. Thanks for the great work on this. Initially I was knocking Aurora thinking, "HTF do I get to my emulators???" Then I found the shoulder buttons
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