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Sell me your used x360usb Pro!

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Anyone got an x360usb Pro laying around that they're not going to use any more. I just stumbled on 3 phat consoles all with LiteOn drives and I'd like to flash them.


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I have a whole kit i was selling for 135$.. but i might have misplaced a few items.. dunno.. but yeah.. i'd say you are lowballing.. as 2 things..

1. People prolly dont have it.. or just don't check on forums..

2. Amazon has a few for sale.. at over $100.. or here for like $60


And as i stated in my "selling thread" on here.. im not separating my kit.. pretty sure i have all still.. good luck tho mate

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I might be interested in buying your whole kit. PM me with what you've got in total and maybe we'll be able to work something out.



Edit: at this current time, the hdd adapter and probe v2 i can not find, will continue to look tho..

Edit 2: did find the probe v2 and hdd adapter

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