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  1. let me test and say result tnx i well extract dvd 1 and dvd2 like god normali copy to my hdd and wich folder i copy the content folder !? whate is name!?? 00000001 or 00000002
  2. hi guys i download the game and when i convert 2 dvd games to GOD and when i play dvd 1 say u have to install content and when i install the game content after 70 or 60 % say installation unsuccessful an error occurred while installing data and plz i wana play thies bad boy how install i extract the game with iso xbox360 extract and copy all gile toghether and agian game not play....
  3. tnx dude i extract the game and it's work all epsoide tnx
  4. yes i well copy 2 folder to my hdd and right now i download the title update with aurora version 4 and test tnx anyway dude i well replay after done .....
  5. when i extract game with xbox 360 xtract iso and whe i copy all file to my flash and copy to content..... and play just can play epsoide 1 wtf i shot picture
  6. ok i well extract the game with xbox360 iso extract and play...
  7. hey guys another problem i have download evil revolation2 with all epsoide full dvd iso and i convert the game to GOD games on Demond sorry my english is not very well and when i wana play chapter 2 the game say you cant play becuase u have epsoide 2 but i download the full game i use aroura 0.5 b and no title update for theis game i fineshed epsoide 1 really really xbox360 console is bothers me realy hard to play a dlc or epsoide and arcade game....
  8. where in aurora find translator btw ?!
  9. ok let me test it out tnx dude i use aurroa 0.5 can i use fsd plugin to guide file ?!!
  10. i check right now but not add any option in game to play dlc im going to creazy for theis dlc
  11. ok sorry dude and any program can check my region and when i find the region change what to fix thies problem i really bad wana play 2 dlc
  12. hi tnx for reply idon't now i download tu with aurroa 0.5 and downloas the dlc on the torrnet and it's unlock i upload a screen shot on my folder u can see him and how figure out my dlc for pal or ntsc or my game pal or ntsc but my title update download with aurroa and with xboxunity !?
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