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  1. Ohhh.. sounds like hassle. Anyway, i'll just switch between enabling and disabling fakelive whenever I need to costumize avatars. Switching seems easier and safer.. i guess . haha thank you
  2. Ohhhh. Thank you sooo much. I disabled it through dashlaunch and avatar costumization now works like a charm . Just a quick question tho, will disabling fakelive make me unable to do the system link for online features on some games which support it?
  3. Hey guys. Esp. Swizzy. My problems keep popping just right after one is solved. So here's the deal... I updated my x360 Corona 16mb nand - Glitch 2 Freebot RGH to the latest darshboard kernel 2.0.17489 After the update, I also update my $Systemupdate/$$ystemupdate which was required for my avatars to show up and to make the kinect work. Everything needed was installed... But then, when my friend came over and made his own profile, he asked me to let him create and costumize his own avatar. I let him do so, but when he launched the Create Avatar kit whatsoever it is called, it just kept on loading with its green background playing along it... I dont know what could be the problem.. I really need your help.. anything will be greatly appreciated
  4. Sorry swizz. i just went on deleting the freestyle plug-in and syslink now works. now i gotta have to dl the required tus for COD ghost. tnx alot and more power
  5. So which one should I remove? the ( plugin1 = Hdd:\Aurora 0.5b\Plugins\FreestylePlugin.xex) or (; plugin1 = Usb:\plugin\aplugin.xex) or maybe both? and by what means? (remove em through dashluanch?
  6. Hello again Swizz. Thank you again for helping me so much. Anyways, here is the file
  7. uhm.. so how do i do look for the contents of my launch.ini? like where can I find it? sorry and oh, I actually... dont know how to do the spoiling stuff.. hehe
  8. I just looked up to that syslink whatsoever u mentioned in the folder you instructed me to, but nothing's in there. It's actually empty. hmnnn. maybe something else could be the problem?
  9. Ahm. Yeah I loaded FSD plugin via aurora launcher since aurora is my default now (had changed to it from outdated FSD launcher) Okay sure. i'll get to it. and see if it works
  10. OMG!! Swizzy its you!! *delighted* ..... Anyway, yeah,.. for the most part, ive followed all the process..(if ever i didnt miss any) Launched the game (COD ghost), then accessed the System link (which is whited out and not working) while the game is running in background. Maybe i lost some plug-in components or anything related in Aurora's App folder?
  11. its COD ghost. And yeah, ive already checked its details on it, showing it has LINK support.
  12. Hello guys. My problem is,.. I've seemed to meet all the requirements to go online using a system link but it seems that my System link menu or option is whited out as seen. I dont know what could be the problem is but I desperately need your help. Thank you so much in advance. any help is appreciated. -will post pictures of data mentioned above-
  13. One question tho..

  14. Hi master swizzy. So im in dire need of you meek assistance once again. Ahem. So I am now using Aurora, got my bricked x360 corona 16mb nand fixed myself And tried to enable the System Link feature. I followed all the steps from some of the TUTs to enable my x360 to use wifi and the system link. Got few problems on the process but later on, i got all the requirements working when I "verified" it over Aurora. It passed it all. So here's my problem. Everything seemed to be fine, passed the verifications, But when I launched a game, and tried to do system link, the "System Link" menu seemed to be whited out. It's completely white leaving me unable to click it. Im guessing i might havent set some features on/off over the dashlaunch which resulted into this. And if not, what else could be the problem? Thank yuu!!!
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