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  1. Thanks for the info Felida. Maybe i got the single trainer at that time for the Xbox Classic, not the Aurora one. Do you know where I can get in touch with expokiki aka Boogie Man? Maybe other forums he's currently active on. Still got no reply from him. Thx in advance
  2. I've only managed to get the aurora trainer for witcher 2 to work. Apparently you need to have the correct media id in order to make the trainer show up. Still no luck for the Xbox classic trainer.
  3. I've already sent you a PM. Really interested in the 600 plus trainers you have. Thanks in advanced I also looking for The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Aurora Trainer. Already search the internet for hours and still can't find it. And also anybody know where i can find Aurora trainer for Xbox Classic titles like Black and Far Cry Classic? I used to have them from Xyzmods, but my jtag hard drive got trouble and lost the files.
  4. Yes, apparently the help menu is for the official version. The core is the default.xex. Not like in the official version where you can load different cores. That's why it keeps crashing. Thanks for the config file, felida. It really helps.
  5. I thought in order to use cheats, you have to load the cheat first and then the rom. And there is no cheat option when you load the roms from aurora, but after playing around with the menus, i realized that you can use the cheats while in game by pressing both analog stick. I have no issues now, both loading from aurora and the core works. The rom i've downloaded is probably corrupted. Thank you, gavin. Btw, nice work with the Cheat Manager. Do you intend to update it?
  6. Hi I've tried to install this on my jtag xbox, it came up on aurora. The game list and cheat also there. But everytime i've tried to load the core (according to the help menu i'm supposed to load core and load content), it crash and goes back to dash. Any help? Thx
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