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  1. from 2.0.8 to 2.1.1b https://mega.nz/folder/cFtGARzY#AotFxCPgfdAMt98nzxksyA
  2. here is pcsxr 2.1.1b patched xex file with old osdmenu combo(back+start) default.xex
  3. rileyil77, check the original script once again. there are two types of queries: by titleid and by name. if the game has tilteid, fsd will get covers with it: if($_GET['query'] == "TitleID") if there is no titleid, fsd will try to get covers with the game`s name: elseif($_GET['query'] == "SearchTerm") no loops, just conditions yes, some parts of the code are repeated and it can be rewritten with functions, buuuuut i don`t have inspiration to do this
  4. q.php is for push to xbox function. but fsd has this old bug: it downloads pushed cover, but doesn`t apply it. And i can`t fix this wothout fsd sources. mainlink="http://mylanserverip/xbox360/covers/07398CDC" - this link should point to the full(front and back) cover, named Cover.png front="http://mylanserverip/xbox360/covers/07398CDC" - this link should point to the front, named Cover.png you can check links for GTA5 from my example for better understanding. your file tree should look like this: /mylanserverip/xbox360/cover.php - php script /mylanserverip/xbox360/covers/ - folder with xml files /mylanserverip/xbox360/covers/07398CDC - xml file for titelid 07398CDC this can happen if cover has wrong format or size
  5. rileyil77, you need to create a folder named covers in the direcoty with cover.php example: for GTA5 cover you should create a file named 545408A7 with a proper xml answer for fsd: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <covers><title id="545408A7" name="GTA V" mediaid="" filename="Cover.png" type="" mainlink="http://XboxUnity.net/api/boxart/5679" front="http://XboxUnity.net/api/boxartfront/5679" Official="1"/></covers> and the first 25 lines of cover.php should look like this:
  6. everything is up and running. Look for issues on your side. *UPDATE* starting from August the 16th IP Address will be changed, so everyone needs to redownload xex from the first post
  7. dizazter's hosting is unreachable at the moment. just wait and hope for the best or host by yourself
  8. this happend because fsd uses unique ids to identify devices and if device isn`t connected all games from this device hide. and as i know aurora works the same way. you can fix this by deleting database files(if you don`t mind loosing your settings in fsd) or cleaning db manually and here is full guide and how to update you dash http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144.0
  9. decided to update dash on my xbox today and discovered that xeBuild GUI doesn`t support 17511 dashboard. so i updated tool by myself. i`ll provide no support for this, as all i did was updating xebuild with dashlauch and adding download links for 17511 files. xeBuild_GUI_2.099.rar
  10. https://github.com/Gualdimar/fsd4ever/blob/master/README.md
  11. dizazter`s host is offline for some reason. hope he`ll fix it in nearest future. but at the moment, the most reliable path is to use your own hosting
  12. actually you can. using mod menus like this one: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/rel-sp-console-trainer-v-3-2-ps3-xbox-gta-version-1-24.1204505/ in this menu you need to activate free cam and attach it to your head and playing with settings can give pretty good fps view, but without crosshair.
  13. it is, but a little bit of php coding and mysql can transform it into your own cover db. it is esspecialy usefull because of broken push to xbox function. this scripts are just base, they aren`t ready solution. presonaly i`m too lazy to install mysql, so i created xml files with favourites covers on my local server and used this code in cover.php: if (file_exists('covers/'.$titleid)) { include('covers/'.$titleid); } else { //request to xboxunity }
  14. released scripts and tool to create patched xex see first post
  15. *UPDATE* thanks to dizazter, everything is up and running again. check first post for the updated default.xex
  16. i know. there are some problems on hosting provider's side, can't do anything. hope they'll fix it soon
  17. fsd will work with link untill link is updated to nova.
  18. To download covers and TUs, you don't need to login. Login is required if you want to play with link and my fix has nothing to do with link.
  19. as i said: so there may be some problems, but usually they are temporary. if something major occurs, i`ll post in this topic
  20. What's the point? You can easily see suitable tu's, they don't have MID:XXXXXX in their names. And this feature is usefull for multidisc games.Anyway, the f3 380, which you have posted, has that kind of filter...
  21. it is`n that easy, v1 and v2 have different structure of xml response. if you simply change the link, weather won`t appear in fsd correctly. it is easier to find an old api key in the internet
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