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  1. This doesn't seem to be an issue with 7200RPM drives it seems. I guess you could put disk 1 on HDD and Disk 2 on USB The game was built to load from DVD+HDD at the same time. Which has a higher transfer rate to Memory. When trying to load from multiple places on the HDD the overspeed drops, and the content can't keep up with the gameplay. All GTA games since GTA3 have had this issue in one way or another. Just keep each disk on a seperate Disk and all should be fine.
  2. I've got both games. I converted them to GOD but they are not working. I can start them view the intro but I can't progress beyond the menu without locking the system. The games play fine from disc, but not from GOD or Ripped via FSD. Corona 16202 RGH2 FSD 3 735
  3. That was it... all fixed now
  4. If I go to the Crater of Badassitude, I can't pickup torgue tokens and such... Give me the message that I need to have the required DLC, which I'm currently playing.
  5. IK'vd got all the DLC for BL2. but can't use or pickup Items from the DLC. I can play the levels, but without itms it's impossible. Any ideas?
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