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  1. tplink is not good for link,because of the shit rout os.iam using a tomato and a open wrt os,much more stable for link. Sent from my AMOI N828 using Tapatalk 2
  2. enable fakelive in dashlunch
  3. go to dl,enable fakelive!~
  4. caocei2001

    Fsd black screen

    I have the same problem on AC!~
  5. caocei2001

    Gta V question.

    16g for god,downloading…………
  6. every 10minutes.after reboot console and router~
  7. disbanding?means 3.0.775 is the last version we could have?
  8. when does the new update comes out? cant wait for it...
  9. thx for the great jobï¼~~can't wait the next update~~ï¼ï¼
  10. THANKS for the great workï¼ I got some problem after 22th this month,before that day,everything was ok.but now,me and my friends can't play over 15mins,we lost the whole conection(host,system link),and i try to reconnect ,just circles and I shut down my console , restart it,everyting ok,but after 15mins,it's happened again. we could play well before 22th eventhough under a bad internet condition. hope can get some help~~ (sorry for my bad english)
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