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  1. Q: how I can get back removed cover?
  2. I mean cover art of games into aurora... and sry for my bad english
  3. and... Is there any way to change cover for now? Because maybe gta IV and gta IV EFLC have this same cover....
  4. Ok, Thanx FSD was unusable with 80+ games...
  5. whats about webUI? I cant change covers, I cant anything... I see only naked webUI without any setting, I can only see my screenshoots and temps.... Sry for my english
  6. ou, it was easy thanks Nokia lumia 635 via tapatalk
  7. can be add same button for profile change in aurora? as in fsd 3 we use 3+ profiles and for every profile changing we need restart xbox or go to stock dash... sry for my english Nokia lumia 635 via tapatalk
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