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  1. Thanks got it to work had to change the folder name and add new path, Works Perfectly now
  2. hi i have done this 5 or 6 times and just cant seem to add aditional games to my xbox 1 list in fsd3 i got 8 game showing and playing but when i add more games they do not show up i have messed with the game paths,redid the tut, i know its not listed here but first time i used a different tut with compat files from 2011 and it didnt work so whent back to 2007 and thats as far as i got, every game is on the compatibility list from wikipedia, i use iso2god to change the iso, then put it in xbox 1 folder with the other games that do work, and they dont show, like i said have redone the tut to make sure i didn't miss something, is there something else to do to the iso, i did replace the harddrive thats in the M$ case with a 320 WD could that be it, i dont see why the 8 games i did last month show and work fine, but now nothing? any ideas? o.k. i can launch XBE files in file manager so it must be with fsd3 paths or something
  3. any ideas on xbox classic covers have tryed install to xbox that dont work have rebooted many times with them all in queue on jqe so how would you install offline , where to put them exacty
  4. had the same problem xhttp was enabled turn it off and it all passed
  5. i had the same problem [username/Apikey mismatch] my Xhttp was enabled, disabled and everything passed
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