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  1. you guys should check this out. allows you to format up to a 2TB HDD for use of all DLC and such on and external fat32 formatted drive for use on RGH/JTAG. http://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/ Also if you have a Slim you can do the Internal MU hack if it is a Trinity board like I did for my 1TB drive to show as a Internal MU.
  2. Make sure you have the latest dashlaunch installed and FSD3 is your default dashboard that is loading. If you are loading something else before FSD3 like an older version of FSD that is why.
  3. I am trying to clear paths and when I delete a path it comes right back. I tried clearing the data and the paths remain. Is there anything else I can do for this besides reload FSD3?
  4. I would make sure to include your LiNK name when posting about this. yesterday most all users went to 999 rep. I am sure they are working on a solution to this issue and will come up with something.
  5. lol at this. I was thinking the other day an announcement or RSS feed showing service announcements or update info from teamfsd would be cool.
  6. All 3 of my Xbox360s can join other hosts at the same time on either the same game or different games through LiNK. Just cant see a 360 in my home that is Hosting on LiNK to others in my home trying to join through LiNK. I was thinking packets and same network with all 360s was the issue though. That's why I said it isn't a big deal. Thank you though
  7. This isn't a big deal right now but I thought I should report it. I have 4 Xbox360s 1 JTAG and 3 RGH consoles. My kids and I sometimes want to play with other people and all together and we noticed on any game if 1 of us is hosting we cant even see the game on other consoles in the house. Others can see and join but not if we try from the same house. We all log into LiNK and join the same Room and can see our name is in the room together but the game wont let us see each other. We can join someone elses room and play together but I wasn't sure if anyone else had this problem or now.
  8. I cant remember there name they were talking to me on BO2. They were nice. They didn't understand the rep system. They thought it was like Xbox Live and when you avoid the player by reporting or whatever it is called and it tries to avoid that gamer. the rep system for live is like that. I told them that is not what it is and explained it to them and they said they didn't know and wouldn't do that again. Maybe people aren't trying to be mean but are doing like that person. I wish there was an announcement that could be sent to everyone explaining it on the dash. I will let you know and keep note of anyone else I run into that doesn't understand or says they abuse it.
  9. Someone told me earlier that they give negative rep to people that host and lag. That isn't right either.
  10. Anyone know how to do multiplayer? Possibly on link?
  11. works great. you need to get the files from your original PC disk. I still had mine in a drawer. haven't played since 1999. lol. this bring back memories. Thank you a lot for this.
  12. I was wanting to add to this that it might not be to bad if the rep lost was 2 or 3 points instead of 10 per person. Also I have lost points again and they are not regenerating again. I Played Gears of War 3 yesterday and went from 60 to 50 now and didn't even do anything. lol. barley even got to play. I wouldn't care if my rep got to 0 if it wouldn't affect me being able to play.
  13. Would it be a possible thing to add the option (enable and disable Auto TU) for it to auto download the newest TUs as an option for those that want the new TUs. It would make it so most would be up to date. if not it is ok but I like having the newest and greatest TUs so we can use the new Content as it comes out. Plus with an auto TU downloading system my kids wont bug me to keep dling the new TUs that are easy to DL. They just cant figure it out sometimes.Thank you a lot for addressing these questions for us all. LiNK was working again for me last night.
  14. I just wanted to report that I have the same issue. My wife and I play and we are really good. I can get a 25/4 Kill/Death ratio easily on Blak Ops2 and I think people just report us because they think we are cheating or they are sore losers. Either way it isn't fair for them to be able to hurt others in this way. I like the rep system but I don't like the people using it. And our rep has not regenerated per day either.
  15. did you disable "Devlink" in dashlaunch?I am not able to stay connected to a game in Black Ops2 anymore since this new update. I join and have a minute or less before it times out and I can see others timing out before I do. Is this the type of issue you are having?
  16. very awesome update. I am liking how this is going. I bet a lot of people don't know that they need to disable Devlink because it is needed for us all to be on the same settings. I am however having an issue and was wondering if it is just me or everyone. I am trying to play Black Ops2 and I will join a room or host a room and not long after I start playing the connection is timing out. all my setting on the LiNK plugin are passing but it will not allow me to stay in a game. Also I was wondering what the significance of the Reputation system is? I am at rep 20 now and I think it is because people get mad when they lose. Thanks again guys. FSD3 is rockin!
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