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  1. Hello, first i can not link with with the jqe360, i have done everythink as i see it in here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-cM4MLuENg. But i can connect. I have a zte modem please help me to fix my ports. Secondly, when i i start the console says the fsd has crashed and i have 3 choices. I select restart and it's ok, but every time i begin the console i have the same problem. Thirdly, i can not find any updates in general settings. And i can not connect by connectx, i 've done everything but again i can't. Please i need help.
  2. i run it in xbox ?? has a default file?
  3. Hello, i dont know if my issue fits in this topic. When i go update session in freestyle i cannot find any update, and it says that cannot find downloadable session or something like that. What i have to do
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