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  1. You should see a system link option after selecting multiplayer. If you are getting the signing request right after selecting multiplayer you may have a title update or compatibility pack issue.
  2. Ensure enabled is dotted under the link section in settings then plugins in Aurora . Edit: Swizzy is likely right. I wasn't sure if the verify test could be ran weather or not link was enabled and I'm currently not at my RGH console to test.
  3. I'm in. Setup was simple enough. I think removing the need for XRPC and neighborhood SDK was a good call. Just to complex for a lot of users. I've been looking forward to the new Nova plugin since the tease. I used to be a big xlink user even way back in the original xbox days which required a computer so that isn't a huge deal . Just a thought if it were possible to integrate into a website with a nice mobile version voice to text on a phone or tablet could possibly alleviate the need for slapping a keyboard around. Good luck with development! I'll be keeping an eye on it.
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