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  1. I saw some new stuff that I liked, like showing saves and DLC and a few other things, but for that I already had an app ready on FSD homebrew section where it would make me manage everything and would go back into FSD very fast... Anyway I still have to say I enjoyed quite a lot more your work on the FSD and I just wished you only improved and fixed things on that dash, I just love it, some times even more than XBMC just because of the design I'm using. In fact I would want your FSD style menu on everything, PS4, PC steam, gosh I would use that design everywhere , that's how much I love FSD even with its bugs and problems...
  2. I didnt flame anything... just gave my opinion. But anyway I dont care for link or anything from X360 already... Lately I have only been playing PC and PS4 sometimes. If new games would be coming, I would totally use it. That is exactly the problem... FSD, its complete out of the box and I dont have to do anything to it... And about fans, before I had 3 fans soldered directly to 12V, I care for dropping as much degrees as I can and not to wear out fans, still have the original X360 back fan brand new unused in storage (I'm using a custom fan and added 2 more). I also used Artic MX thermal paste and added memory coolers to every big chip inside... My only concern is for not having ROD to the M$ badly designed Xbox... And anyway I didnt turn my Xbox ON for more than a year, so I will not lose time trying to make scripts or making a custom theme. And I think theres more people like me that would love to see a complete dash replacement without having to search for custom scripts... Same goes for the friend I installed Aurora, he doesnt know anything about RGH, he doesnt know even much about how to put games inside, people like him would never come here searching for things or making custom things. I my self wouldnt care coming here for custom scripts, but I just won't do it since I dont use my X360 like before when it was king of the hill and new games kept coming :(. ps: I would just simply prefer having a more complete dash and would totally start using my X360 again if someone would make a custom XBMC native for it as a full dash replacement. Aurora is more like a XEX menu with more features :(. Maybe when more things get added, I would use it to replace the good old FSD.
  3. I installed Aurora 0.6B on my friend X360, but on mine I think I will still keep using FSD... FSD for me has everything I want out of the box... On Aurora, I dont even see where's the extract DVD option for example, the file explorer I dont like it in comparison to FSD and the FSD has a very high customization of skins, I love the design that I'm using to everything I ever seen on any console ever made or hacked that I owned... Hell, I'm even liking it more than the best of XBMC from xbox original. Couldnt see the option to change fan speed, had to use dashlaunch settings, while on mine I set on FSD instead (not a big problem, but I dont even have any need to open Dashlaunch other than to update it and never open it again). I also dont like the options on the game covers where we change them with D-pad, I almost couldnt see how to delete a game from the cover list... And maybe for last I love how I have a separation in FSD for emulators, XB arcade, X360 games, Xbox classic games...
  4. Sorry, I meant I hope everything happens the way you\me\we want, I mean again that I hope everyone start working on addons for the upcoming aurora dash and do a ton of magic with it. THANK YOU AGAIN ps: When that happens I will also install it on all my friends RGH If you don't mind improving and sharing it later on I would appreciate it. And even more awesome would be a scripting database in some server and that we could even chose scripts trough Aurora and download+install them right away, that would be PERFECT.
  5. OMG, that's way too nice, I hope it's true. Maybe it's time to learn lua scripting. The only scripting I worked was HTML and very little of Uscript for the unreal engine. I learned C++ but never really got deep into it (had to do a stupid car selling software to present at school and other little craps...). Well... Thanks for making that mess called FSD then . Too bad it just crashes a million times, but my problem is actually either the way where the RGH cable goes (maybe it's getting interference) or the SMC values, as when I change them the crashing stops for a few days, but couldnt ever perfect it. My friends all use FSD, but, their RGH is way better than mine and mostly crashes only on some games or when doing something on the FSD, it's not like mine which doesn't even boot properly sometimes. ps: FSD is perfect .
  6. Now we are getting somewhere, thanks. Maybe I could start using Aurora 0.6b What I meant by menus is exactly having a menu for the game folders, having one for the browser, settings..... instead of the menu being always games covers and opening everything above it by using the buttons of the gamepad (for me this gives a sense of emptiness and doesn't actually look like a real full console dashboard, I mean on the M$ dash we have tons of menus for everything, it feels rich on content...). But I still don't like much about those options being as scripts as I had bad experiences with scripts crashing the whole XBMC back then (since the scripting wasn't official...) . Your comment leaves me more questions, which are the following: 1- what will the script be, luascript? (or something unique from Aurora\you?). 2- Is there anyway by scripting + plugins to do something like a music player? (I think I have seen something being made for the FSD like that, but I never tried, hell, can't even remember). 3- Do you think with scripting on the new Aurora I could exactly recreate my FSD dash like I shown to you above, with everything based on menus, and have one part of the menu in some colors, others in a different color... ps: THANK YOU!!!!! I know the same team made both (or at least some members as I don't know everyone)... But I'm just sad that you guys stop working on the FSD and killed it instead of improving it's code. The new dash is even smaller on everything (features, options, customizations, and in my opinion visuals ). ps: But well, I'm glad at least now you guys will allow scripting and modding it
  7. Look at my beauty: I don't think I can let this go so soon . For me this is better than PS4\Xone\Steam and any XBMC INTERFACE theme I ever tried. I tried probably the first aurora release and didn't like anything in it at all. ps: I'm not even using box art cover, I'm using the older and slower method on the FSD... EDIT: And I just tried latest version of Aurora and its still the same. - Why does it backup my TU's at first start instead of having that option in the settings (so i have to erase them to save space) - No avatars, - No menus at all, it's just a game launcher menu with a button for settings\system (it still is a XEX menu with more features), - Don't know where's the clock\temperatures without having to use the plugin, pressing guide button to see them, - Is there a weather API? - File browser doesn't appeal much to me, I prefer the old one. - Lack of in dash theme customization (custom themes are nice, but from my experience in XBMC and FSD they either decrease menu performance, or lack settings\features in the dash updates or simply change everything while we can customize FSD with the same layout but change everything from the settings). Why don't you have an option in the menu to activate menus to look like a real dashboard like FSD and also let people who want just game launching to chose the game launching menu style. It's like if windows OS were just the desktop with the icons to launch apps and nothing more... And about features something that does concern me even on the FSD: - NOTHING of media can be opened\viewd\played (I don't care much for it, but sometimes I'm too lazy to even turn on the desktop just for playing music. I have to press guide go to music and have to wait like 5 minutes for the music to play), most of the times I really have to go into M$ dash to play music as it's the only way to actually play them sometimes and the fastest way. I have a 2.1 system connected to the X360 that's why I use it to play music even if rarely. Is it impossible to make a image viewer and music player for the phoenix?
  8. It's not the stability, but features that concern me . I don't like the visuals, I don't like that it's almost a XEX menu... I wish is that someone could make a native XBMC for it. Anyway if they gave the full source I'm sure we could see something like the old XBMC (nightly builds) where it just kept improving a lot and added new features. ps: X360 is now dead . It can't even update games and I manually have to do it again like in the old days... And I refuse to use Phoenix, so no more improvements will be made on my X360 for ever .
  9. Bring is a new FSD, thank you and bye... . I would use the original M$ crap 1000 times to phoenix, I'm sorry to say, but I keep looking for a power PC, X360 XBMC and not a full menu that just launches games . ps: It's a crap that FSD now does't update games or anything, PLZ GIVE THE SOURCE CODE.
  10. guily6669

    No TUs found

    That suck... Aurora is like a crapped down version of FSD with all features removed and now they make us finally to have to go with Aurora. I won't ever use Aurora, Why did you even do it, grrrr... Can't someone please mod FSD to accept the new XboxUnity connection + API?
  11. Good job, but I think I will skip this for now and maybe later I will try it. But it would only be very relevant for me when someone actually get a way to use X360 hardware in other way like take use of it's GPU for XBMC and then I would be finally happy Keep Cool
  12. Yeah, but I's just a small fix, can't somoene else make a little update so that when covers aren't detected it just show the name as a cover? Or do you know how to mod FSD to achieve that? Keep Cool
  13. Much appreciated, it worked. But anyway, I have apps that don't have covers available, I think FSD should have shown the name as a cover instead of showing "Missing Cover". And in a few years they close JQE server and we will have all games displaying a "MISSING COVER" or we would have to manually install covers which suck. Doesn't all newer games have all some art on them already? FSD should update and grab the game image as cover (if no cover is detected) or it's name if it's missing that art that comes with the game. Keep Cool
  14. guily6669

    Missing covers

    Hello folks, Sorry if this has been posted a million times... I always had FSD working great, but on latest games I don't have any game cover anymore. I still use FSDFlow game list style, don't know if it's because of that. I'm missing covers on: - Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Enemy Front. If the problem is caused by "JQE", can't you please update FSD so that it display the name of the game as a cover when no covers are detected??????????? (I also have a few apps and they just show "NO COVER" and that suck). Keep Cool
  15. Yeah the Sata II from X360 is probably not as good as a good Sata controller from PC, but still Sata II go a lot further than any drive in terms of speed, only those very fast SSD's really need SATA III. About the crystal, damn, I was completely wrong . I know that the RGH chip changes CPU clock at launch. I would be very grateful if they ever make one that could adjust normal cpu clocks for a custom number and for gpu+ram too (most likely never gonna happen ). Keep Cool
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