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  1. Hi guys! First of all I wanna thank you for this awesome dash you made for us, it's so fast and smooth. As I have read through the comments I saw a lot of people are asking for some kind of category switching between 360 games, XBLA, homebrew, etc... I think it could be done in a really easy and clean way by assigning the D-pad up and down buttons (or LB/RB) to jump between categories. So the dash could start with loading the 360 games in front of us and for example if we press down on the d-pad it would show the XBLA games, if we press down again, the Xbox Classic games and so on, and so on... The selected category name could be written in the upper left corner. I already love this dash, but if you could add a feature like this it would be even more awesome! Thank you guyz again, and wish you the best!
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